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08 June 2015 @ 08:07 pm
We were eating dinner in a certain hotel in Scotland
It was in a buffet style and we are given the freedom to get what we want.
It was the usual meat, sausages, and potatoes.
Such typical english food.
Then I noticed big red-brown chunks and my eyes lit up.

I finally found chocolate!

I immediately grabbed one chunk and went to my seat with a happy face on.
I took a bite and realized...

It was blood!
A freaking.hardened.blood!

I panicked and was torn between spitting it out or just grabbing the glass of water.

So as not to be rude to the people seated with me, I opted for the latter in a hurry.
and just gulped it down with a tear at the rim of my eyes.
And my brother could only laugh at my little antics.

Such a stupid mistake.
I should have realized that it was in a place surrounded by meat.
And is therefore a meat.

And that was the moment when I was betrayed.

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05 June 2015 @ 12:37 pm
I was having coffee with a friend yesterday and she asked me a very interesting question in which, at first, I had trouble answering.
So after I got back home, I decided to think about it and find the answer.

She asked me to choose which of the these two perspective are correct:
A person who strives for more and is not content nor happy
Or a person who is already happy or content with what s/he has that she no longer strives for more.

I answered the latter choice.
I'm not saying it's correct, everyone has their own definition of right or wrong.
But for me, I can never be with a person who is not content with what s/he has.
What is the limit? What is that point wherein s/he can truly say that "ah, this is the exact point where I want to be."
If you put it in terms of money, when can a person actually say that he is rich? Other people may already deem that certain person rich but he may think that he himself is not, and still strive for more.
For me, striving for more and more is simply greed.
Why? 'cause it seems endless. "more" is endless.

SO, my point is, a person needs to be content with whatever s/he has and yet still has a "GOAL" in life.
A "goal" is different from striving for more, but nevertheless, still has the same connotation.
At least a goal has an actual endpoint. it actually has direction.

So yeah, "striving for more" does not impress me.
But to have a goal, and to do everything in order to get that goal in life and yet still be content and happy with what s/he has.
THAT is impressive.
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02 November 2013 @ 05:35 pm

After all those chaotic, physically and emotionally tiring moments in manila,
and after finally being able to finish everything I need to do there...
It's time for a...


I'm back in my hometown for a while~

Bataan~ <3
I just love coming home.

To sit in an open space with nice breeze cooling you,
and to open a book while holding a mug of coffee,
and then to occasionally divert your eyes at an open field,
and just simply heave a contented sigh.

I'm really blessed to have this kind of peaceful life. :)

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17 October 2013 @ 12:48 pm
Packing my things now.

I will be starting another chapter of my life in another place.
I'm so excited!
"New place, new people, new experience."
*throws rainbow confetti*

After I graduate from law school, I might go to another country as well!
"New place, new people, new experience."

Let's go on a journey, shall we~

I may be left behind by the people I used to study/work with.
The train may have left already and I was left behind.
But... another train will surely come, right?

I'll keep moving, I'll keep walking, and let's see where my feet will take me.
16 October 2013 @ 11:19 pm

Some people misunderstood me when I said "It's either med or law, period."
It's not that my parents are forcing me to; they're not. Far from it! They let me do what I want in life, they let me decide.
They only guide me and support me with whatever I want to do. They want me to make my own life; and they trust me that I'd do it right.
And with that trust they put in me, I become more careful with my decisions.
I don't want their trust and support to go to waste.

I asked some people, my friends, this question.
"Why do you want to pursue medicine?"
They'd answer me, "'cause I want to get rich!"
Okay, I'm fine with that. That's a realistic answer. If they answer me with reasons such as they want to help the poor, I might give them an award for it. *being sarcastic here*
Then I asked them "What if after graduating from medical technology (that's my course right now), a company scouts you and says that they'd pay you 100k per month? Would you grab it or would you still go to med school?"

Why do I like asking random questions? Well, here's what goes on in my mind. Just so people would stop labeling me as "weird".
I asked them this because I want to know what drives them in life.
Would they stop and grab the 100k per month?
Or would they give that up and go to med school?

Some would laugh and say, "Are you stupid? It's easy money! Why work your ass off for something as hard as medicine? And being a doctor doesn't even mean you'd get rich! You'd only waste your time! Get rich; retire early! Isn't that the best?"

I just smiled. But inside, I'm sad. I become sad with that kind of thinking.

Just what exactly is my dream in life? To achieve something? To achieve what exactly? To become rich? Money?
No, I don't want those superficial things.
I want money, yes, but not to a point wherein I'd put it as my sole purpose in life.

I want to prove that I can be more than what I am now.
I want to keep growing. Not just get rich.
I want to become someone who is respected by other people.
Not just as someone who is only rich and therefore must be befriended, be acquainted with.
To grow personally is something that can never be bought with money.

To have that something which can be called our own. To have something that I can be proud of.

That's very superficial for me. Money and social status is very superficial, don't you think? But is oh so very essential.

Contradicting isn't it? So what am I trying to say?
That there are times wherein we are so much focused on getting rich, on getting that money that we forget about caring for ourselves.
About thinking that money can change how people perceive us.

Looking from below, it may be something you can be proud of. You become richer than others. Cool.
But how about looking above? How about at eye-level?
If you are in a group of rich people, what exactly is your advantage?

Let's not beat around the bush then. So, what is it excatly I'm pointing out here?
That even those people who earn a lot of money still looks up to someone who is a lawyer or a doctor, or a professor of university, or someone who has achieved a status in life that can never be erased or bought with money, something that cannot be easily achieved even if you enter the lottery your whole life.

So what exactly do I mean by, "Having that something which can be called our own"?
What I mean is actual profession; that little title that is attached to your name your whole life.
Something that cannot be taken away from you, ever.
And it is up to the person on how high he wants to climb the ladder of that chosen profession.

Don't believe me? That's fine with me.

I believe that every one of us have their own reason for doing the things they are doing.
And I realized that I cannot tell them what is right and what is wrong.
I'm not saying that choosing to be rich is wrong.
I'm not God. I can't do that.
But I do have my own perceptions in life; I have my own definition of right and wrong.
And I will live with that. I will stick with that.

I want to become a woman with principle.
"I want people to know me because of who I am. Not because of what I have."

14 October 2013 @ 06:43 pm
I've been organizing some of my files on my laptop (It's a mess! My thesis documents are so all over the place. *sweatdrop*),
then I saw a .doc file from way back.
It's been a long time since I last wrote a story.
I wrote this one when I was still had a crush on my friend who was, at that time, courting another girl in our class.
It was a one-sided crush but things are different now, and I can only see him as an old friend. And our connection has been lost since we are living different lives now. It was inevitable and it still remains a precious part of my memory.
So I decided to post this here, since it's such a waste to just let it dust in my laptop. :)

My heart almost skipped a beat as the random strokes of his pen slowly started to take form...Collapse )
26 May 2013 @ 12:09 pm
Quick update before I go back to my workplace!

First: I got transferred to a another hospital! This time, I'm an intern at East Avenue Medical Center. *woot* Five months of pure toxicity lies ahead but hey! I'm lovin' it! :D Some might say, "Poor you, you got transferred to a public hospital." but guess what? I like it.. Although I might say that the hospital is so poor so if I compare the facilities with my previous hospital, it's evident that the previous hospital I've worked for is still much much better. (For example: they make us wash and recycle disposable pipettes for heaven's sake! "DISPOSABLE!" I mean, it says 'disposable' for a reason, aye?) But nevertheless, I feel like I'm being useful somehow because I'm able to be of help to those who almost have nothing and with that I'm happy to go into the hospital and serve them even though I don't receive any wage at all, even for a short time. *smiles* And not to mention, they don't complain much when I extract blood from them. *laughs* And that makes my work easier you know? XD There are some who just loves to complain (especially when they are looking for the resuls, blah blah) and loves to pick fights but I got to be more patient with them and with that, I think I am able to grow and learn.

Second: I am just so in love with Sho in Kazoku game right now. (>_<) And I just can't wait for the next episode, and the episode after that, and so on...

Third: Endless game!!! *woot* I saw the full pv just now! Although it looked a little bit...hm...lazy, perhaps? But I still love the song. And Ohno...tsk tsk. You shouldn't wear a turtleneck! Stop hiding your sexy neck! (>_<) Screw you whoever-was-in-charge-of-the-warddrobe for giving him another darn turtleneck! As much as I love him and as much as he's my bias, it just doesn't work. Moreover, it only puts emphasis on his chubby round face. *pinches his chubby cheeks* But I still love you~ *laughs*
04 February 2013 @ 10:47 pm

People always tell me

“Aren’t they a little old?”

“None of them are pretty/handsome…”

“Why do you like these guys?”

And I would simply smile and say “’cause they’re fun to watch”.

Not because I can’t say anything about them but because I can’t enumerate everything I like about them and expect people to understand me right away.

So I just settle with: “’cause they are funny, and they make me laugh.”

And I laugh at myself. “So what are they now? Comedians?!”

Really, everyone has their own preferences.

I like their songs, I love their imperfect voices, and their smiles that always seems to tell me “This is fun!”.
That may be an act but they do it so well that it effectively cheers me up.

And above all, it’s just that I chose their chemistry and personalities over superficial things such as looks.

Although you might say: “the first thing you notice in a book is the cover and not the plot”, right?

Well, I give you that. That’s why I’m not pushing people to like them.

I want people to discover them on their own time and like them just like how I loved them.

Gradual and long-lasting.

I like them because they shine in their own ways and yet when they are all in one stage they blend so perfectly well.

Not only that, they had taught me a lot of things.

They are so close to reality that it wasn’t hard for me to put myself in their shoes.

I wanted parts of them that I want in myself.

…and that attracted me to them.

They all had tough times, times when they are not selling well, and yet they kept on persevering, they keep on doing new things and outrageous ones at times. In other words: they never gave up, and 12 years later, they are what they are now.

I like them because they made me see things that I lack.

They make me smile and look forward to watching them after a long day of tiring work and stressful real-life obstacles.

I don’t want looks that will fade away after some years.
I want the diverse individual personality they possess that will only keep growing with the years to come.

"They are like rainbows: They have their own colors yet they blend so well."

Simply say:

"I want those rainbows in my life."


They aren’t perfect. I’m not telling anyone that they are better than others.

All I’m saying is that I prefer them over anything else.

It’s my own personal opinion and I’m not pushing anyone to have the same perspective as I do.

13 November 2012 @ 12:01 am
Just to add variety to my continuous Ohno posts~

*lol* I'm not a sakumoto fan but an amusing picture IS amusing so I like it nevertheless~


Oh, did I just say no Ohno in this post?

Well, I lied. >:D
I just HAVE to include him, especially THIS gif!
Cuteness overload! :3 I mean, how could you resist not including this?
*gets bricked*

***the GIF is not mine!

12 November 2012 @ 11:51 pm
Oh my god. I can't help but squeal endlessly at this confession! :3
(plus the it's-too-much-for-my-sanity cute picture! *faints*)
In my own delusional mind opinion, Ohno can be a flirt when he wants to be. *laughs* But that's just me~
But damn, I also want him to have a romance drama! The EnomotoxJunko pairing left me hanging, really! (>_<)
*drools at the thought of an assertive and bold type Ohno*

*excessive nosebleed*

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